“Music is the space between the notes” — Claude Debussy

Spiritual Direction

What to expect when we work together

For some, the word “spiritual” may feel a bit cliche. Regardless of wording, I am passionate about helping you discover a greater sense of peacefulness and possibility in your life.

Upon first glance spiritual direction may seem like therapy in that there may be similar themes. However, there are a number of differences. Spiritual direction is a refreshing alternative to (but not a substitute for) therapy. It is not about fixing psychological problems or advice giving.

What we actually do

We will talk about what matters to you most and how to have more of that in your life. We might incorporate poetry, music, art, writing, or meditation. Or, simply be curious together.

Check out my Testimonials page so you can read examples of what we do directly from the voices of clients.

Regardless of how the session unfolds, you can be sure that I will ask thought-provoking questions and listen very carefully.

Where we meet

med room 4

We meet in a beautiful sunroom. There is an altar, lush plants, lit candles, Buddha statues, a fountain, meditation bell, spiritual books, hardwood floors… it’s an extremely quiet and calming oasis for conversation, reflection and silence.

Shall we meet? Please connect with me directly to schedule our first conversation.