My relationship with my magical furry boys provides the inspiration for all the work that I do.

  • For almost eight years I have been part of a research team examining how bereaved pet owners maintain continuing bonds with their beloved pet following their death and how pet loss is widely considered to be a disenfranchised grief (ie: grief that is not widely acknowledged by society). To that end, I’m thrilled that our research was recently published in Omega: Journal of Death and Dying. Currently, we are examining Post Traumatic Growth (how people create meaning out of extremely challenging life circumstances ) as it relates to bereaved pet owners.
  • Our team contributed a chapter to “Men and Their Dogs: A New Psychological Understanding of ‘Man’s Best Friend,” a scholarly book that explores males’ relationships with animal companions and how these connections can provide psychological safety and emotional support.
  •  I facilitate a Facebook group called Besotted which sprinkles members with a daily dose of diverse, curiosity-piquing, educational and inspiring content dedicated to the animals in our life and the depth of the human animal bond. It’s a cozy, supportive place for people to plop down and connect with a bunch of big-hearted animal lovers. I invite you to join the conversation!
  • I love being a freelance writer for Dogster!