rachelThrough her gifted approach that is both dynamic and contemplative, Rachel has the ability to empower others in ways that are gentle, wise, sensitive and effective. She is the embodiment of the compassionate companion on one’s life journey.

~ Dr. Betty J. Carmack, R.N., Ed.D

Rachel holds space in a way that allows me to find confidence in the counsel of my own inner teacher.

~ AB

Rachel is infinitely compassionate, wise, and follows a natural, fluid thread to help bring you to a place of strength.~ MJ

What I love about Rachel is her honesty, straightforwardness and openness of heart. Her vibrant spirit and high energy are beautifully balanced by her sensitivity and compassion. She clearly is someone who is a caring and trusted support to others.

~ Jon Bernie, Clear Water Sangha

Rachel offers her full self to her work. Her unwavering and accepting presence has invited me to delve deeply into the aspects of myself that are affected by and in relationship to what I consider “spirit”. She has encouraged me to wonder, question and grapple with what has meaning for me in my life and to value how I want to live and give meaning to my living in accordance with my own beliefs. Spaces like this for non-denomination spiritual inquiry I feel are lacking in this culture and ripe in a time where religion holds less weight for many and still the soulful search for meaning remains.
~ LP

Working with Rachel has definitely brightened up my life and if you are lucky enough you will be blessed with the gift of experiencing her gifts in this exciting work.

~ EG

Rachel gives me her full attention in such a caring, peaceful, and non-judgmental way, no matter what I need to discuss. It can be something painful or joyful or confusing, and whatever it is, she’s there listening and witnessing. She’s equally skilled at intuitively knowing when to provide feedback, insights, resources and ideas. She gives me a healing space to just be myself. The healing effect of Rachel’s presence cannot be put into words. It is powerful beyond measure.

~ LS