Spiritual guidance for out of the box thinkers…

Rachel Katz

“All the wonders you seek are within yourself” –Thomas Browne

Imagine having an open, allowing space to truly slow down and consider what matters to you most. To find peace in the unknown. A spiritual director is a trusting, warm, and welcoming companion as you find your way home. Together we will explore questions, ideas, and possibilities that work best for you and discover inspiration and clarity from your own wisdom and experience.

How The Urban Spirit may help you

We could be a match if:

  • You are inspired to connect with the sacred in your life and would love soul-level conversation to discover what that means for you
  • You consider yourself “spiritual but not religious,” agnostic, atheist, spiritually eclectic or feel you don’t identify with any particular category
  • You yearn for something less prescriptive, fresher, and more creative than traditional psychotherapy or self-help books
  • You would like to abandon or make peace with a religion you were raised with, or explore ways of complementing your childhood faith with spiritual ideas and practices that speak to you now
  • You would enjoy a dollop of laughter with your spiritual direction

Who I love to work with

My clients are women who tend to have a few things in common:

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